Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers was founded in 2019 to promote the fine sport of snowmobiling.  We strive to bring our community together through events, meetups and other fun community building activities. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization run by a group of volunteers. All proceeds from memberships and events goes right back into the club and snowmobiling community.


A nonprofit organization with a commitment to educate and organize over snow vehicle enthusiasts throughout the greater Tahoe region. We strive to promote positive experiences throughout the community and educate the public about land use, Avalanche protocol, and snowmobile safety and etiquette.

Board Members

Taylor Dolph

My name is Taylor Dolph the current sitting president of Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers. My passion for snowmobiling has driven me to push my limits not only on my sled but also with uniting the snowmobile community.  
I have spent the last 15 years in Tahoe and the last 8 riding in the backcountry. I quickly fell in love with everything backcountry had to offer. When I started to look for fellow people that shared my passion I found I had no where to turn to. That's when I realized there was something I could do.  I jumped right on it and started a few groups on social media for local riders to share information and knowledge. Little did I know I was not the only one and it quickly grew.  It grew so much other people in the community wanted to get involved. This is when I realized the community needed something bigger and with the help of countless people in our community we formed Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers. 
I'm excited at the opportunity this community has given me and look forward to helping it grow stronger. See you in the backcountry!
Kyle Poulton

Kyle Poulton

Thanks for checking out Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers bio. Im Kyle Poulton a proud sitting board member as treasurer for the Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers club. I'm stoked to be part of the clubs mission and excited to shed light on upcoming generations of snowmobilers.
I grew up in Minnesota and now reside in rural Nevada. I have been riding Lake Tahoe and surrounding regions for over decade. I enjoy being outdoors and all things that come with it. From mountain biking to boating. Getting after it on sleds to hiking. I'm truly passionate about outdoor recreation. When I'm not out and about I'm busy managing multiple commercial construction project around the region. 
I'm thankful for the opportunity to part of such a great group and look forward to seeing everyone on the hill. Remember have a plan, know your gear, and ride safe friends. 

Kyle was elected to the Executive Board on October 24, 2020 to serve a two-year term as the Treasurer. 

Mark Jacoby


Mark is a great secretary who also needs to write a bio!

Nina Clifton

Board Member

As an advocate for lady sledders, I am honored to serve as a board member of the Lake Take Snowmobilers. As a board member I will set the example and assist in safety and risk mitigation awareness with club members. I am and will continue to be an advocate to our community, and to all ladies and children interested in the snowmobiling sport.  

I’m a Real Estate Broker for trade but my heart is full of adventure.  I’m a thrill seeker whom loves to push limits and jump out of my comfort zone.  When I’m not selling real estate, you’ll find me year around volunteering for Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue.  During the Summer I love to ride motorcycles, hike and camp. Winter is all about the snow and riding as much as possible.  Throttle therapy is priceless, to me. My smile is enormous when I see my Son enjoy snowmobiling as much as I do.

Nina was elected to serve a two-year term on October 24, 2020.  Though Nina is a founding board member, the board decided to re-start Nina's two-year term so that three board seats become available in odd years, and two in even years, to maintain consistency with experience on the board. 

Scott Spero

Board Member

Hey Sled Family my name is Scott Spero sitting board member of The Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers club and couldn't be more stoked to share this club with all of you. It's truly an honor to be part of a club that serves the sled community in the greater Tahoe area! 

I split time riding North and South lake riding zones, living out in rural Nevada I'm close to either side. I ride with my 9 year old son often, I ride SAVY with education and I fight for all of our access across the region.

Look forward to meeting people, helping educate and showing riders how to sidehill properly at group rides. If you see me out there wave me down and say hello. Cheers to winter, ride smart, stay safe and ride with a plan!


Group meetups. Community outreach. Rider Education.
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Individual - $25 annually
Family - $40 annually

Business Sponsors:
Silver - $250 yearly
Gold - $500 yearly
Platinum - $1000 yearly

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