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Nevada OHV Grant for Mount Rose

After many months of collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service-Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (H-T NF), we are pleased to announce that we applied for and were granted a Nevada OHV grant. We will be commissioning the creation and installation of a kiosk with physical and digital maps that inform all winter recreationists where legal snowmobiling areas are located on Mount Rose, where non-OSV is, including the environmentally sensitive Tahoe Meadows, and information on etiquette between user groups in order to promote educated and positive interactions between groups, and responsible recreation that aligns with the Sierra Avalanche Center Daily Flow, the Ski Kind: Backcountry Responsibility Code, and Tread Lightly principals. These grant funds will be used to contract out the creation of the kiosk as well as install it and boundary signage. We will match the grant funds with volunteer labor from our club to manage the grant, install the kiosk and signage, and maintain them. The H-T NF will also be matching the grant with donated labor costs for overseeing the project implementation and map development. We are excited about this opportunity and will need you to get involved. Many hands make light work. Reach out to us or one of the board members to let us know that you are ready to help. These grant funds come directly from your OHV/OSV registration fees. We are pleased to have this opportunity to use them to invest in the areas that we ride while also helping educate all winter users in order for snowmobilers to have more positive user experiences and interactions while simultaneously taking care of our own backyard so we can ensure access and opportunity for all user abilities and our future generations.

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